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Let us provide the training experience you deserve.

About Us

Fortress Training Centre (FTC) is a modern training developed by Fortress Ghana to provide a carrer focused training for Oil and Gas industry and other related industries.

Fortress Ghana is a Project and Engineering, Asset and Integrity Management, Fabrication and Manufacturing and Geomatics Service and Procurement Company with particular focus on the extractive and construction industries. The company operates from House Number 77B Nii Nortei Nyanchi Street, Airport West, Accra, and works on client arranged sites per project

FTC adheres to strict safety standards in order to avoid the risk of accidents (injury) in the course of delivering their mandate. FTC incorporates safety, comfort and efficiency in the design, operations and training delivery. The Centre has made adequate arrangements to ensure that the environment is safe at all times.


NDT Training

Fortress NDT offers training and certification on six major NDT methods, Ultrasonic Testing, Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant….

Welding Training

Fortress welding & Fabrication Training is offered per American Welding Society (AWS) guidance documents. Instructors work….

Rope Access Training

Fortress Rope Access Training prepares you for rope work in rescue, the trades, rigging, offshore work, inspection or maintenance….

Rigging & Lifting

Rigging, Lifting & Slinging operations on Construction and Engineering sites are carried out worldwide on a daily basis…..

Offshore Survey Training

Fortress Offshore Survey training is aimed at professional development in the field of hydrography and offshore positioning. Trainees per module will be…

ROV Training

Fortress ROV Pilot /Technician training course complies with IMCA competence documents, recognizing industry best practice and adhering to safety procedures, with additional ROV training modules…

Geophysical Training

This training program seeks to impart new concepts, technologies and principles relevant in the area of exploration to geophysics professionals. Training program has been designed in 4 major categories with all essential areas covered…

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